Teenagers 11.0.

We say the world stands on the shoulders of the young.It's time to truly give them that opportunity.

About the lecture

The idea of the Teenagers 11.0. lecture originated from the workshop ''If You Don't Know, Ask', which we conducted for 11.000+ teenagers with a 98% satisfaction rate. Teenagers 11.0. is an interactive lecture for adults where participants are encouraged to engage in dialogue and collaboration.

"The fact that you work with teenagers convinces me; the lecture is just a consequence."
"A different approach from other lectures. Interesting, something new."
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Purpose of the Lecture

The purpose of the lecture is to show adults who teenagers truly are and what matters to them based on our experience working with teenagers. This often differs from society's standard view of teenagers. Participants of the Teenagers 11.0. lecture gain a better understanding of teenagers and acquire knowledge and tools to support them in their everyday challenges of life with teenagers.

"The questions from teenagers provided insight into the issues they face."
"Now I understand my son more easily."

Lecture description

The lecture takes place live at a designated location (lecture hall, classroom, company, etc.). In the first part of the lecture, we examine how the majority of society sees teenagers following up with the questions and responses from teenagers from “If You Don't Know, Ask” workshops, we present who teenagers truly are and what matters to them. At the end of the lecture, participants also have the opportunity to anonymously ask anything they are curious about, troubled by, or want to improve in their relationship with teenagers but don't know how. Through their questions and discussions, participants discover what will support them in their relationship with teenagers and how they can support (their) teenagers. The lecture lasts for 60 minutes, but for more interaction with participants, we recommend 90 minutes.

"Well-executed lecture with real-life examples and offered solutions."
"The lecture answered several questions for me. I became aware that my children are truly a copy of my husband and myself."

Organizations where we have conducted lectures

Ljubljanske Mlekarne (2022)
DSO Črnomelj (2022)
Bilingual High School Lendava for parents and teachers (2022)
Municipality of Dobrova-Polhov Gradec for parents and teachers (2023)
RTV Slovenia (2023)
Novo mesto School of Economics - for parents and teachers (2023)
Ljubljana Secondary School of Commerce and Arranging - for parents and teachers (2023)
Otočec Primary School (2023)
Sveta Ana Primary School (2023)
LIDL d.o.o. (2023)
France Prešeren Gymnasium Kranj (2023)
Secondary pedagogical school, gymnasium and artistic gymnasium Ljubljana (2023)

Who the Lecture is For:

The lecture is intended for parents, teachers, and all adults facing interactions with teenagers in their everyday lives.

Lecture Duration:

1 hour

Lecture Delivery Method:

Live lecture at a designated location (lecture hall, classroom, company, etc.)

Contact Us

Contact us

If you have challenges understanding teenagers, their way of thinking, and behavior, we invite you to contact us. During the lecture, we can present their challenges, perspectives, and what matters to them. You'll leave the lecture empowered and supported with knowledge that will benefit you in your everyday interactions with teenagers. Together, we can support teenagers on their journey ahead.

Let's Support Your Teenagers